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Cornwall Bike Training is a long established, family run  business in Penzance.

Over the years we have trained 1000s of people for the CBT and Motorcycle tests.  Today we are seeing the next generation of bikers, the sons and daughters of riders that we trained years ago who are coming to us for their training (often paid for by Mum and Dad) which makes us think that we have been doing a pretty good job over all the years.

But we are not just about training - our shop has an ever changing stock of biker clothing, helmets, gloves, boots and accessories. We keep a huge amount of service parts  in stock (brake pads,  bulbs, oil, filters, air filters, batteries, even screws and fittings).  We have a good range of the latest Motrax, Oxford and Bikebitz "bling" and accessories for you and your bike, plus motorbike security like disc locks, security chains, alarms, secure tax disc holders, locking luggage.

We are always happy to chat about your training needs, so if you want to call in or give us a call we'll be pleased to see you. Don't be nervous, we all started somewhere... even these three.


Instructor Alan 

We have luggage, top boxes, tank bags, bum bags and biker rucksacks, even Scottoilers and Scottoil for the touring biker.  cruiser throw over panniers, we can even fit your new tyres, a chain and sprocket set and give you a choice of bike covers for when you get back home!

Our instructors emphasise good riding, not just "how to pass the test". They always try to build in good riding skills along with the test-training. A fact appreciated by many parents who send their kids to us for a CBT because they know that with us they get a FULL day training course and won't be taken into traffic until the instructor feels they are ready.

Alan Parker is where the buck stops. An instructor and experienced motorcycle engineer.  So the bikes are maintained in-house, we know they are fully and properly serviced, and they are cleaned and checked each night ready for the next day's training. They are also checked by the instructors each morning before training begins.

Rider safety is our top priority, but that doesn't mean that you wont find the training fun and enjoyable.


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